Happy to announce I will now be offering quads. After about 2 years of playing around with quadrate design and construction I have come up with two of my own tapers that I really enjoy. Quads have a unique feel to hex rods- I find them to be a bit more powerful and extremely accurate. Hollowing them leaves you with a greater concentration of power fibers than you would find in a hex rod. Although there are less strips, they are significantly harder to make- I find the node work, ferruling, and strip prep are all a bit challenging.

The first was taper is a 9ft 6/7wt “boat rod” or “lake rod” in 3 piece. This is hollow built with a 1″ removable fighting butt, and comes in at about 5.8oz. Very light in hand for such a long powerful rod, inspired by E.C. Powell’s A and B tapers- a balance of smoothness and speed for long casts on larger water. I had the Delaware system in mind when I was designing it but I think it would be well suited for rivers out west as well.

The second design is a 7’6″ 4/5wt parabolic taper in 2 piece. Based loosely off of Paul Young’s designs, this is an “everyday driver” kind of rod. You can fish it in close on small streams, it rolls casts particularly well, and has enough parabolic action to bomb one out there when needed.

1 Tip2 Tips
2 Piece10001150
3 Piece11001250

All prices include custom tube, bag and ferrule plugs